Aquatic Invasive Species Management

  • We use qualified biologists to monitor the waterways in Watersmeet Township and several border lakes with Wisconsin.
  • We develop and implement plans for each body of water, working with the lake association as needed.
  • We employ various methods of removal of AIS including hand pulling, Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH), or use of DNR-approved chemicals to control or eradicate Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM).
  • We ensure the recreational quality of our pristine waters for the benefit Watersmeet and neighboring townships which encourages tourist traffic and supports our local businesses.
  • Our boat inspection work at landings offers free boat and trailer washings; the best way to control the spread of AIS.

Visit Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers for valuable information on preventing the harmful spread of invasive species in our lakes.

Know Your Invasives

Minnesota Invasive Species Videos

The following videos are from the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Free Public Service Announcement Series and can be found on the Natural Innovations web site: Keep in mind that when the videos define an action as illegal, it is illegal in Minnesota, and not necessarily in Michigan.