Locals Take Part in Native Plant Sale

The ISCCW partnered with Designed by Nature, a Marquette, MI area greenhouse/nursery that specializes in a supervised process of propagating seeds, divisions and/or cuttings of native Upper Peninsula plants, grasses, wildflowers and inland lake plants for landscaping and habitat creation. These local genotypes are pesticide free perennials, self-seeding annuals and biennials that Designs by Nature: UP Native Plants, LLC., specializes in and sells to individuals and groups.

The partnership with the ISCCW and this nursery/greenhouse is in keeping with the Lakeguard Association’s vision of “protecting our lakes for generations to come,” by encouraging local homeowners to work to responsibility care for their property and shorelines. Individuals ordered inland lakeshore native plant kits, erosion control kits and aquatic habitat kits, as well a pollinator plant collections and wildflower kits.

An exhibition was set up at the Watersmeet Pavilion on August 27th, with all preorders ready for pick up, as well as a myriad of plants available for onsite sales. Future partnership work with Designed by Nature and the ISCCW is being organized for another event during the summer of 2023.

SEE:    www.UPNativePlants.com for more information.